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Rosberg and Hamilton Duel Like Melbourne and Sydney Real Estate Competition

Rosberg in Grand PrixIt is turning out to be quite a battle between teammates Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton. Come the Brazilian Grand Prix on Sunday and Nico Rosberg will start ahead of any other contender from the starting point. In fact, it is the 5th time that Rosberg has grabbed pole position in as many attempts. Hamilton’s pole position in the Italian GP (Monza) was the last time he did so.

Lewis Hamilton is clearly unaffected

So, the big question is, “Is Lewis Hamilton affected”? Far from it. He thinks that he has achieved all he had to for this year and he has got all the time in the world to sit on his laurels and enjoy. Hamilton feels that Rosberg is in great form and it augurs well for the entire team.

Rosberg can finish second at best this season

Despite the recent flurry of pole positions, the best Rosberg can do is to finish second this year. There is no denying that it will be quite a high for the Mercedes gang.

On another note, it is sad that the Brazilian Grand Prix is shorn of its shine because of sub-par performances of national heroes Felipe Massa and Felipe Nasr.

Great battles are always exciting to watch

Great battles can be really exciting to watch and especially when they involve two powerhouses. Take the example of Sydney and Melbourne for example. Coming past their poor performance in the last property cycle in style, they gave it all they had and dominated this property cycle ever so completely.

The duel between Sydney and Melbourne

While they have been heads and shoulders above the rest, their dominance has not been equal if you look at it. Sydney has registered phenomenal growth through the better part of the current property cycle. Many a times, it has thrown an egg in the faces of critics who thought its best days were past (and here you can draw an analogy to Hamilton, Rosberg or even Vettel who was just superb last year).

Sydney had it all covered this cycle

Whether you look in terms of auction clearance rates, pace of construction, capital growth, number of high priced neighbourhoods, “million dollar” median houses, the prestige market or the rental yield (and tightening vacancy rates), Sydney has got it all covered this property cycle. Its fame spread and it became the darling of the global community, too (isn’t it equivalent to how sportspersons grab their admirers globally when they are at the peak of their powers?)

Melbourne may pass Sydney in 2016

Now, the balance may finally shift and as Sydney gears for a mellowing down of its growth rate, Melbourne for the first time may pass it. At least, there is an increasing number of experts believing so. And I wouldn’t place my neck on the line either to say, “It won’t be so”. In 2016, Sydney property market is expected to grow between 4-9% and the Melbourne market between 8-13% and that’s quite some disparity predicted.

Sub-par performers of the current proprty cycle

And before I wrap up, here is comparing Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin to Brazil’s Felipe Massa and Felipe Nasr; both are subpar performers this cycle (I mean this season). So you get the drift, right?

All this said, there are still great properties to be grabbed all across Sydney and especially in the Eastern Suburbs. If you are planning to purchase a new abode for yourself or invest in one, feel free to contact me today. I will be more than glad to help.