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Where is Sydney Real Estate Headed?

Sydney real estateIn a recent article for the website Property Update, Cameron Kusher pieces together a very relevant study on why property prices can’t keep rising forever in Sydney, even as those who have invested in the Sydney real estate have reaped very rich dividends.

330.5% capital growth over 20 years

Since December 1995, property values across the combined capital cities have shot up by 330.5%. This, despite trough phases in the year 2008 and also in the time between 2011 and 2012. The value growth across combined capital cities has been 8.7% for the year leading up to November 2015. Only Sydney and Melbourne have higher growth percentages than this average figure.

Combined city capital growth figures not a true reflection

This illustrates that most of the capital cities are still trying to dig deep but not finding too much capital growth as yet. The average is boosted only because of the phenomenal growth posted by Sydney and to a smaller extent Melbourne.

Danger of value drop in immediate future

Values have taken a downward ride in the past and there is no denying a similar possibility in the future. The danger is even greater now because we are looking at a record number of approval rates, construction activity, investor frenzy and leverage.

You can read the original article here.

Sydney’s property market has shot past the boom stage and we are lying somewhere in the consolidation phase where we will be looking at a mellowed down rate of growth. This, however, will be a lot better than the “bubble burst” predictions of some experts.

Melbourne may finally emerge from shadow of Sydney real estate

In my opinion, Melbourne will finally have its day in the sun and will surpass Sydney real estate in terms of capital growth. Sydney has done enough to arrest the attention of foreign buyers and it will be interesting to read into its “prestige market” fortunes in months to come. It makes for great reading that the newly affluent Chinese investors are looking towards Harbour City to park their money.