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Pools Require Certification of Compliance

swimming poolIf you live in NSW and you want to sell off your property blessed with a swimming pool, you have got to be compliant with a few regulations. On 29th April, 2014, a law will come into effect which will make it mandatory for swimming pool owners to ensure that their ‘pools’ comply with the Swimming Pools Act 1992.

Certification of compliance

When you ask your conveyancer to prepare the sales contract for passing on the title, make sure that you have the certification of compliance attached to it. Now you may ask what this compliance certificate would include and imply.

Swimming pool- by definition

Any area designed for aquatic activity and over or equal to 30 centimetres in depth can be treated as a swimming pool. Before you sell off your property, you have to get your pool area inspected (for purposes of hygiene and safety). You have got to comply with the rules even if you have a spa pool at your home. Yes, you can take it easy if it’s nothing more than a spa bath prevailing at one quiet corner of your bathroom.

Accredited certifier

Your local council is the place to go for procuring the certification of compliance. Additionally, you can also talk to an accredited certifier who treats the Building Profession Act as his pole star.

Bedroom versus swimming pool

I remember having commented on an article recently that talked about the penchant of Aussies towards additional bedrooms and swimming pools. While one is a practical necessity, the other, at best is a cosmetic addition. This said, the swimming pool still towers over our subconscious mind. Given this fact, it will be only wise for homeowners (with swimming pools) to get their certification of compliance in place.

Failing to do so can lead to a buyer revoking the sale contract within 14 days of exchanging it. In addition, the scenario can also make a pool owner liable to a fine of $5,500.

What would you add to your home, made to choose between a swimming pool and an extra bedroom?