Market Update

Stock remains low - gain access to the huge number of off-market properties where opportunities do exist

Now is the best time to invest in property

homeManeuvers of the market forces have produced what may be termed as the best time to invest in property. Experts feel that only the boom times prior to the meltdown was as conducive for investment in real estate. An article on the Real Estate Business suggests that the present environment is aiding investors and brokers alike.

There have been rate cuts throughout 2012 and four of them amounting to 125 basis points each have brought down cash rates to 3 percent. This then naturally becomes a very lucrative time for buying homes. Just add the high rental yield factor and you have a feast out there, suggests the article.

Housing prices are gathering momentum and to top it all, people are also looking to partake from their Self Managed Superannuation funds for property investments. Overall a perfect backdrop for euphoric times ahead! You can read the full article here.

Do you think that the proposed Superannuation reforms will be crucial to property investment? I invite your opinions.