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Altona Mansion Sold at $50 Million

altonaThe huge and exclusive mansion, Altona mansion at Point Piper harbourfront, has been sold after years of being in the market. It was listed on and off and, finally, on the 28th of March, it was finally sold. Though there has been no release of the exact amount that the property was sold for, it is rumoured to have been bought by Chaimovich Investments Pty Ltd at $50 million. Chaimovich Investments Pty Ltd is a company solely owned by a 75 year old man named Xiuzhen Ding. He was born in China but now resides in Melbourne.

A young entrepreneur named Deke Meskin and his wife are said to have sold the property and, again, no one is confirming that as of yet and no other agents have taken credit for the sale, either.

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