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7 Tips To Get The Best Out Of Your Property Deal Negotiations

housingYou cannot negotiate with people who feel that their loaves are theirs and your loaf is negotiable. However, if your counterpart is a reasonable person, a few skills might see you succeed each time in negotiating a favourable property deal. George Raptis for the Property Update talks about 7 ‘Timeless Tips’ for negotiating a property deal successfully.

  1. Property negotiation is nothing more than the human technique of interaction. Do not seek principles of rocket science in it. Keep it simple.
  2. Negotiation is not the act of dividing 100 units into 60 units and 40 units but making the ‘100’ look and sound like ‘150’.
  3. Negotiating for a property entails a conflict but if you resolve the conflict positively, it may turn out to be a stepping stone for a deep relationship ahead.
  4. Being a great listener can help you soak information like a sponge. Listen more while negotiating. This way you will give out less secrets (weaknesses) and take in more.
  5. Show that you are weak and susceptible. Make the opposition eat out of your hands. “Never negotiate out of fear but never fear to negotiate”.
  6. People will listen to you if you give them a feeling that you are speaking for their progress. Show them that you know what binds them to the deal- you will win more often than not.
  7. Great negotiations can end only one way- in profit for both sides.

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A single error can turn the scale of negotiation

I think that for the property deals, the balance of power can shift through a single nerve you touch or a single misquotation. Be mindful; do not vacillate towards the end result even before you have pressed the first button on the negotiation table. Property investments are not an everyday thing. If possible, let a professional do it for you.

What a Sydney Buyers Agent Can Add

A buyers agent, especially for Sydney’s vibrant market can assist you even further. Buyers agents have the following advantages:

  1. an intimate knowledge of the local market
  2. many years of experience negotiating homes and bidding at auctions
  3. the ability to not be emotionally attached

If you’re in Sydney and would like to find out more, why not give me a call?