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What will Sydney be like in 2050?

Sydney in futureFuturists are busy drawing possible patterns for Sydney 2050. An article on the Sydney Morning Herald uses a lot of imagination to spur our senses. While the usual fare of “digital connectivity” and globalisation spawned “idea sharing” is being talked about, a few less-imagined points have been discussed in the article too.

Sydney will become the hub of Asia-Pacific

Sydney is likely to become Asia Pacific’s business hub and may also allow for a political forum, much like the UN (the idea does not sound preposterous).

Sydney 2050 will be the hub of education and finance.

It will be a city with a distinctly Asian look, its teeming multitude caught in the tide of balancing home with work, even as it looks to set up a diverse and sprawling street life.

Low carbon economy, knowledge-based work and ideas pertaining to small families will rule the roost.

A superb terrestrial transport system, beautifully managed air traffic and top-notch harbour hopping opportunities will be its other hallmarks.

The beaming CBD will ramify further into excellent town and village culture and people will work just as eagerly from any of the places.

Real estate will take on a different dimension

The real estate will provide a gripping picture too, according to the article.

Population, close to 7.5 million by then, will have completely saturated the inner ring and the suburban area, ensuring that the middle ring becomes the zone of fierce property activity. Diverse housing types and densities will engage every kind of demography.

Apartments will cater to community living and there will be a lot of community swimming pools and communal parks (instead of backyards). Gatherings at rooftop gardens will also have become an also-ran concept.

You can read the original article here.

The way we look at energy and real estate may change dramatically

Well, I can already imagine some of it! I think that we will have stolen the march in terms of energy. Solar rooftops will be a rule. Conduits’ connecting geothermal beds to our home’s electric grids is a fascinating vision to me.

The concept of Timesharing (real estate) will spread beyond its traditional meaning and Sydneysiders won’t mind living in 10 different homes over a month, just for the fun of it.

Do you have any futuristic addition to make to the Sydney 2050 vision?