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Baby Boomers Invading The FHB Market With SMSFs

Self managed super fundThe generation closing on retirement (or retired) is making rapid inroads into the First Home Buyer Market. Their self-managed super fund is proving to be of great assistance in this regard. Yeah! I would any day lay a bet on that kind of fund getting the better of paltry resources that first home buyers have (despite the Grants). Peter Sarmas for the StreetNews reports that SMSF-aided investors have grown double-fold whereas FHB numbers have come down by half since last year.

Investors from the generation of baby boomers are a strong presence at the auctions. Buoyed by low interest rates, they are easily outbidding the first home buyers.

The value of residences in capital cities have grown by nearly 7% since the trough they hit in May 2012. This is also a trigger for the baby boomer generation which has enough money stacked up their sleeve.

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