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Addressing infrastructure issues is key to Sydney’s future development

The key to Sydney’s future development lies in dealing with infrastructure issues

Sydney has to achieve growth and expansion for the sake of future generations writes Martin Bregezzo in a new article for the Property Observer. There have been several promises as how easy and affordable it is to build half a million new homes. But the reality is very different. The current average of 17,290 dwellings being constructed annually over the past 5 years is nowhere enough when the actual figures should be somewhere near 25,000 dwellings per year.

Government and Public departments must put in accumulative efforts in building the foundations of proper infrastructures to enable Sydney’s future growth.

  • Making approval processes move faster.
  • Bringing a common point in order to handle local affordability for various sections of the market.
  • Reducing LGAs.
  • Complete removal of developer and transaction tariffs.
  • High density clustered around transport nodes is an integral element of successful urban development.
  • In order to achieve human right to shelter for the future generations, re-evaluation of community participation in providing approvals is important.
  • Government role must be strengthened and corrected in view of the current land acquisition process.

Planning in the interest of the people is the only option in Sydney’s future development. The infrastructure must be available for the people and communities (including those living in marginal borders of Sydney) and it needs to be planned for and addressed now.

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