Five People Every Property Investor Should Know

Is there something wrong in dreaming about a strong asset base or proud property portfolio? In all honesty, there is nothing wrong in it but such a dream also warrants suitable action. Each step of the way, you need impeccable guidance. This reminds me- there are a few people you must have in your team. Rather than making a random note of them, let me discuss 5 of them below.

Property or portfolio manager

They are the “Man Fridays” of a property investor. From taking care of tenancy agreements, disputes, repairs and renovations, their arc stretches to council compliance deeds, approvals, green-certifications. It is actually a never-ending list.

Let us say, any investor with more than 3-4 properties in his portfolio requires a competent property manager.


Fund misappropriation, duplicate land deeds, biased clauses (read Sunset Clause), failure of settlement dates and a lot more require able guidance of a solicitor.

He will let you know how best to act in such situations and in many of them, he will become your ‘action’ man.

Tax expert/Accountant

He instructs you about all the possible avenues of capital gains and tax deductions that you may claim on them. He lets you know about the negative geared properties and the way you can earn through them.

Tax analysts suggest you various means of benefitting from Superannuation funds, if used for property investments.

Insurance broker

Property requires not only its own indemnity but also the insurance of the assets that it contains. A competent insurance broker will instruct you on property and liability insurance, and any chances of third-party subrogation claim.

Additionally, he is the one who looks into exclusions and endorsements for insurance contracts prudently and ensures that you do not suffer while making claims on a later day.

Landlord insurance is an imperative for investors who offer tenancy. Lack of such insurance can result in a subrogation claim on you even if a third-party is hurt due to your tenant’s fault.

Such a situation does not arise if you have a deft insurance broker on your side.

Finance broker

A finance broker helps you in servicing a loan, tells you about the right Loan to Value ratio to follow, and advises you on the declarations you need to make to the bank.

At times, it is important to show the self-funding nature of your property and at other times, you need to hide your asset base. Finance brokers know the nitty-gritty of property financing.

In addition, they also recommend you when to refinance a property, how much of home equity to liquidate and which property locations have hit a crest or a trough (and are thus ready for sale or otherwise)

Strong team=success in property investment

Real estate is mired with complexities. You can make a fortune for yourself but it takes a lot of expertise to sail through property cycles and come out a winner. The above mentioned professionals are what it takes to make a winning team.

How many of the above 5 do you have in your property investment team?