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3 Mental Blocks That Make You An Average Investor

1254880_shiny_brain_There are very few write-ups which make us take stock, switch on our “introspective mode” and in short prove an eye-opener. Louise Bedford’s piece on the Property Update is just one such write-up. She talks about three mental blocks which do not let us excel as property investors or share traders.

1. We flood ourselves with stress

We look into each news, each big or small blog, for that one vital piece of investment information (which is like an absolution that never arrives – Titanic).

We are always restless and lack focus. We are unduly glued to our mobile phones and rob ourselves of the real “me-time” that expands creativity.

Bedford wishes we could free our mind for atleast a few hours a week and allow it to broaden its powers. Wouldn’t property investment be a cakewalk for a super sharp mind?

2. We want quick fixes

Bedford argues that farmers make great investors because they know the importance of patience. They know that a direct jump from the 1st to 3rd step can be detrimental for the whole crop.

Unless we are willing to make a planned and patient assault, successful property investment would remain an elusive dream.

3. We do not rate ourselves too highly

We fear making a wrong decision. It is because we do not rate ourselves high enough to think of the mistake as part of the game. Contrarily, we assume that it is the result of our ignorance and that all future decisions we make would turn out just as wrong. It is just so untrue (shrieks Bedford virtually).

You can read the original article here.

You need belief and a plan to back it

I found this piece really commendable. Bedford manages to bring out in light what we fight tooth and nail to keep in the dark- our gravest insecurities. I think that it is within us all to excel in property investments. What we require is a non-shaky belief that we can…that some other newbie around the world is striking real estate gold each hour.

However, we must also keep reminding ourselves that it is not a roll of the dice and only those who plan well perform well.

What is your greatest mental block?