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Buyers Agent in Mosman

Mosman is one of Sydney’s wealthiest and most affluent suburbs. In Mosman, you can have your California-style bungalows or state-of-the-art modern townhouses and mansions. All this with spectacular views and sea breeze to boot.

Being such a highly desirable Sydney suburb, buying a property in Mosman is extremely competitive.

Top-Notch Environment

Many prominent businessmen, doctors, and lawyers call Mosman their home. Moving here, you will have friendly professional neighbours willing to offer you a helping hand.

Mosman is always kept spotless since cleanliness is a top priority in this area. It is a great suburb to live in if you work in or near the CBD. You can take a community bus with their dedicated road lanes. Or you may also take the ferry if you prefer a water crossing.

Buying In A High-End Property Market Like Mosman

Prices of houses in Mosman are typically $2 million and above. Units tend to cost around $1 million, but can also go into multiple millions.

Since it is a high-end neighbourhood where professionals live, Mosman is a highly competitive market. Many people want to live here and many want to buy investment properties here. Without the right buyer’s agent it can be tough to find and negotiate for your dream home.

This is one of the reasons you should have a professional buyers agent on your side.

Buy A House in Mosman With Tracey Chandler As Your Buyers Agent

buyers agent in mosman

Tracey Chandler – your buyers agent in Mosman

Whatever your preference may be, Mosman has a house that suits your taste. The only question is how you get it.

This is where Tracey Chandler comes in. Tracey is arguably one of the best buyers agents in the industry. She has more than 20 years experience buying real estate in Sydney’s exclusive northern and eastern suburbs. With her extensive insider knowledge, she will give you a major advantage to help you secure your dream property.

Tracey focuses on delivering an assessment of the actual real estate value of the property you are interested in. She cuts through marketing hype, home staging and other sales techniques that often lead to a bad deal.

In addition, Tracey has access to off-market properties in Mosman, before they even reach the open market.

Having Tracey on your team means you will be represented by a professional buyer’s agent in Mosman. She is seasoned, devoted and has an excellent rapport with professionals.

This great rapport is important all the way through the completion or right till the point of property acquisition. These professionals include pest and building inspectors, conveyancers, and pre-settlement inspectors.

The Tracey Chandler Red Carpet Treatment

Tracey has intimate knowledge of the high-value property market in Sydney’s most affluent neighbourhoods. This is why Tracey has been able to secure premium properties for her clients. The results speak for themselves.

Tracey will personally work on your project. This means she will be there for you from day one, all the way through the purchase cycle. Her commitment to providing you the best possible service means you will acquire your property faster.

With Tracey, you no longer have to worry about the smaller but time-consuming details of buying a property. Tracey can assist you with hiring solicitors, conducting pest and building inspection and employing mortgage brokers.

So if you are looking to purchase your next investment property or buy your dream home in Mosman, feel free to call Tracey today.

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