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Buyers Agent in Coogee

When it comes to residents within the 25-39 age bracket, Coogee stands at twice the national average. There are more 35-year-olds in Coogee than in some of the other parts of the Eastern Suburbs. Typically, 35-year-olds are a bunch of purposeful people looking to add to their property portfolio or pursue their dream of second home ownership.

Shore breaks and property market dreams

The place known for its unpredictable shore breaks is also a place much coveted for its properties. Auctions at Dudley Street, Carr Street, Oberon Street and many other areas grab headlines on a daily basis and the clearance rates reflect a state of buoyancy. Buying a property in Coogee is no mean business, but it can be quite a rewarding one if you stick to all the prerequisites of a property acquisition.

A professional working solely in your interest

The presence of a professional willing to steer your portfolio towards a positive direction is a must. When prospects choose to buy, they have to engage a buyers agent in Coogee because he/she is the only professional who can offer undivided loyalty towards them. The sellers have a fair amount of representation and this fact alone turns property transactions in their favour. This said, if investors can have a buyers agent in Coogee like Tracey Chandler represent them, there is no denying the great possibilities ahead.

What makes Tracey special

buyers agent in coogee

Tracey Chandler – your buyers agent in Coogee

Tracey has an inherent knack for choosing great properties. It’s a natural skill that she has honed very well over the last 30 years. She knows through both gut feeling and experience (and sometimes through a unique mix of both) which properties have a better chance of climbing the growth ladder fast, which may turn out to be renovators’ dreams and which, above all, have too many loose ends and may therefore become unprofitable purchases. Enriched by such perspective and with the zeal to help her clients as much as she can, Tracey has very little chance of going wrong.

When doing her job as a Buyers Agent in Coogee, Tracey certainly feels real satisfaction out of helping her clients, and that makes her quite a great person to have on your side. Tracey pores over her clients’ requirements in detail, and discusses these with them until she is absolutely certain about what the clients specifically want. With a clear vision of such requirements, the power of her own craft and her constant interaction with the clients, she consistently succeeds in fetching the best property for them. And at a handsome strike rate at that!

Rewards come only after a hard fight

Tracey Chandler knows that there are far too many intricacies involved in the real estate game. They have to be manoeuvred well and only then do rewards begin to flow. She takes up the challenge on behalf of investors and the owner occupiers and contests each property as if it is her own. There are plenty of testimonials citing how she asked for a lesser price than what the buyers were only too happy to pay. Now, what more can we ask from a professional buyers agent in Coogee who sits on the table to negotiate with only our best interests in mind?

If you’re thinking about home ownership or a portfolio extension, feel free to contact Tracey today. She will be more than delighted to offer a helping hand.

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