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Buyers Agent in Paddington

paddington terraced houses

Terraced homes in Paddington

If you enjoy the boutique shopping scene and love homes with Victorian terraces, then Paddington is the right neighbourhood for you.

But how do you make sure you’re making all the right real estate moves – right from the time of the first inspection to negotiations to pre-settlement?

Buying a home is one of the most expensive purchases you will make in your life. Are you really going to take on this huge undertaking alone?

Filtering out bad properties

In any property market, you will find that the right kind of property sits somewhere among the vast line-up of well-disguised bad properties.

Paddington is teeming with properties. Some are outright brilliant, some are good and some not so. It takes a seasoned Buyers Agent in the Eastern Suburbs to discriminate between a property worth spending your money and effort on and one which does not deserve even a cursory glance.

Both kinds of properties may look equally enticing, but sometimes, the property which looks better on the outside ends up being a poor investment in the long run.

buyers agent in paddington

Tracey Chandler – your buyers agent in Paddington

That is why you need a Buyers Agent in Paddington who has been in the business for decades!

A comprehensive search for the right Paddington property that best suits you

As your Buyers Agent in Paddington, Tracey does a comprehensive search for you. She only enters a venture once she is sure about its viability.

Property searches, short listings, physical inspections, roping in professionals, conveyance reports and pest and building inspections all come into the picture only after she is doubly assured of two things:

  1. that the property can be bought for you at a fantastic price that’s below the market rate
  2. that the property has a fair chance of registering capital growth or high rental yield

If you are thinking of buying property in Paddington, you might not be so sure about what you want. To push you in the right direction, Tracey will arrange an orientation program aimed at taking you through a tour of properties around this section of the Eastern Suburbs. After which, she will give you a proper tour of those you’ve placed on the shortlist.

Tracey’s past clients — both local and overseas buyers — like that they can be as hands-on or hands-off as they want. In fact, you decide on how much participation you want in a property search, negotiations, auctions, etc. If you prefer, you can show up for the home inspection and finalisation of the property sale.

You can rest assured that Tracey will efficiently take care of these things. She will make sure you don’t waste time, energy, and money, and that you don’t lose your dream home to someone else.

Found the right property in Paddington and not sure of what to do next?

If you’ve found your dream home in Paddington but not sure how to proceed from there, Tracey will make sure you don’t lose it! Time is of the essence in a property market such as Paddington.

Tracey can rightfully assess whether:

  • the real estate agent’s is overcharging you
  • the property is worth the asking price
  • it’s the right property for your needs now and well into the future

After satisfying each point, Tracey will then take the next step to securing the property. The complete sale of the property is contingent on the help of other professionals such as home inspectors, pest control, certifiers, and lawyers, just to name a few.

Her recommendations of the most reputable professionals help avoid the property sale from falling through.

Tracey moves fast and addresses issues as they come, wowing both her local and overseas clients.

A professional buyers agent in Paddington who doesn’t believe in delegation, just personal representation

Tracey Chandler does not believe in delegating tasks and will not direct you down the working chain once the job is hers for the taking.

She likes to guide you all the way through herself and believes in developing a bond with her clients. You can see the effectiveness of such an approach through her testimonials.

If you are looking for unbiased advice from a professional who has no conflict of interest (she solely represents you), and wish to have the corresponding workload completely transferred to someone else, you can give Tracey a call today.

She will be more than delighted to take it further for you.

The number puts you through directly to Tracey. Here, you won’t experience leaving messages or talking to a secretary.

Tracey will be the voice on the other end of the line. Your buyers agent in Paddington.

Call us now on 0416 100 839