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Tracey Chandler - buyers agent in Sydney

Your Buyers Agent in Sydney – Tracey Chandler

Tracey Chandler is the buyers agent in Sydney for you. She will assist you with your property purchase in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Lower North Shore, and Inner West.

Whether you are a first home buyer or a seasoned investor looking for a new residence, Tracey will be able to help you. Deal directly with her and put her local knowledge and experience to work for you.

I told Tracey I was prepared to pay the asking price of $2.1 mil to secure my property in Queens Park. She said no and secured it for $1, 850k. – She saved me $250k in negotiations.

Tracey found me my dream home in Dover Heights. The agent tried his hardest to get $5.6mil. I loved the property and instructed Tracey to just pay it. She went into battle and by the end of the day, she exchanged on $4.6 mil. – She saved me $1mil that I would never have done myself. She is a brilliant negotiator.

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Speed, Market Intelligence, Experience

How would you feel if you missed out on a perfect home, because another party put in a winning offer before you could even get all inspections organised?

Imagine your dream home has just been purchased off-market by someone else, before it ever got listed.

How confident would you now feel if you attend an auction and discover that you will be up against a professional bidder trying to purchase the home you want?

These are all realities in today’s fast-moving Sydney property market. Experience, speed and market intelligence, including access to off-market properties are all essential for you to succeed.

It’s time to have the right professional on your side.

About Tracey

Tracey found us our property before it was advertised

Tracey saved us thousands of dollars off the asking price

I would have never have found the property I live in without Tracey

A seasoned investor herself, Tracey holds a full real estate licence. She has over 30 years of experience in the property market, built through renting, investing, selling, renovating and buying all types of properties. She has the natural and uncanny ability to spot the best properties, both for residential and investment purposes.

Is Tracey the buyers agent in Sydney for you?

It is risky and expensive for you to choose the wrong buyers agent in Sydney; even more so if you don’t hire one at all. You’ll find out why in this quick video:

5 Reasons to engage Tracey as Your Personal Buyers Agent in Sydney:

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  1. Enjoy 100% exclusivity with no competition
    • Once you become Tracey’s client, she will not take another client with the same brief. There will never be a conflict of interest with other clients. This is something that larger buyer’s agencies simply cannot offer.
  2. Experience the best possible service
    • Dealing with the owner of a company is a far better service experience than dealing with just an employee. And Tracey passionately believes in this, too! To her, personalised service is an integral part of what brings success to her clients. Because of this, Tracey will always deal with you directly instead of assigning an employee to help you. You will not have an initial meeting with the company principal and then be delegated to someone else. Instead, Tracey will be by your side and be your direct point of contact from start to finish. She will be taking your brief, conducting searches, and negotiating on your behalf.
  3. Access unlisted/off market properties
    • Tracey will give you access to the entire market. This includes properties that are both ON and OFF market. OFF market properties are not advertised for sale, but the owners are open to offers. This also includes homes that are still pre-market. Normally, such properties are difficult to find ahead of competing buyers. But because Tracey has long-standing relationships with agents in both the Eastern Suburbs and Lower North Shore, she is up to speed!
  4. Save money
    • Tracey will not let you pay one dollar more than you should. The absolute lowest price will be negotiated. She identifies overpriced properties and will discourage you from impulse buying. Moreover, unlike other agencies, Tracey does not maintain fancy office spaces, receptionists, admin staff, etc. Her fee is payable only upon securing your success!
  5. Maximise your quality of life
    • Years from now, after Tracey has helped you purchase your home, you will think back on how easy and stress-free your property search was. You will remember how much time and money you have saved without compromising on quality.
    • That’s because Tracey will never waste one bit of your time. As your buyers’ agent in Sydney, she will never convince you to look at anything that doesn’t suit what you need or want. Once she identifies the right properties, Tracey will organise all required inspections, due diligence, and contracts in record time – within a matter of hours, if needed, to win the deal.
    • Tracey has a network of all relevant professionals and services, such as solicitors, pest & building, strata, mortgage brokers, trades, etc.
buyers agent Sydney meeting
buyers agent Sydney top secret properties

The Tracey Chandler Red Carpet Treatment

You will always deal with Tracey directly and not be handed to an agency employee.

Here’s the range of services Tracey will offer you as your Sydney buyers agent.

Consultation and brief

Tracey will meet you, get to know you personally and find out what your needs are. In this way, you can be sure the brief reflects who you are and what kind of property you are looking for.

Property search and viewings

As your buyer’s agent in Sydney, Tracey will take care of doing the analysis and extensive research of the areas you’re eyeing. She will go through the listings, scrutinize properties, perform due diligence, and narrow it all down only to what would best suit you. She’ll help you schedule viewings of homes on sale so that all you need to do is come over to see them.

Price negotiations and closing deals

Tracey will act as your advocate in the negotiations for closing a deal with the seller of the property you choose. She will protect you from having to deal with the seller’s agent directly, so you won’t have to stress over any aggressive selling tactics on their part. As your Sydney buyer’s agent, Tracey will firmly negotiate for the best price for you. She’ll get the best deal for you.

Auction Bidding

If a house is up for auction, Tracey will do everything for you. She will do the initial research and due diligence on the property before the auction. Then on auction day, she will perform the actual bidding on your behalf. And in case the property fails to sell during the auction, Tracey can also maneuver and privately negotiate a deal with the seller for you.

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Take the next step

You now have three options:

  1. Keep going it alone. You know the drill, and you know your odds.
  2. Engage a buyers agency firm and hope they will assign you a good employee.
  3. Engage a known professional to do all the heavy lifting, property searching, negotiating, and due diligence for you.

Of these three options, which is going to be easier for you and give you the best chances of success?

So take the logical next step. Call Tracey today and find out for yourself how she can help you:

Call Tracey on 0416 100 839

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